“Hello everyone,

I’ve mentioned this to some of you, but I finally have the go ahead - so I need to get this out there now. Please share this with any animators who might be interested, the turnaround is quite tight, but I’m hoping it will be a really fun job:

The charity Plan International has commissioned Wired Video to produce a set of 5 short animated films to promote their “Girls Takeover” events on the International Day of the Girl (11th October). These events will see girls takeover roles of power for the day. From becoming head-teacher of their school, sitting in a Chief Executive’s chair to run a corporate meeting to stepping into the shoes of a Minster of government.

The films are for use on Social Media in the run up to the 11th October – a day to celebrate the power of girls! Each film should be funny / memorable / sharable and between 10 and 20 seconds long. They need to be shared widely in order to raise awareness of the day’s takeover events and garner interest and encourage support.

The films can be realised in any style but the content should question male privilege and suggest that it is coming to an end – that equality is achievable and the right thing to aim for as it benefits us all.

Possible approaches will be subverting internationally recognisable images of male power. It could doctoring footage of heads of state / police chiefs / generals / judges to replace them with girls. It could involve mothers and fathers lifting girls up to be seen alongside sons, illustrating equal value and equality or a brother grabbing a broom from his sister’s hands, running outside with her and encouraging her join him in school. The tone can range from fun, to funny, to moving, to bold - with a level of cultural sensitivity i.e no scenes of pulling of head-coverings for instance. It’s about achieving gender equality – and boys and men are part of the solution so we should guard against alienating.

Care should be taken to appeal to as international an audience as possible – Plan International raises funds in 20 of the richer countries in the world and operates development and humanitarian programmes in 50+ countries across Asia, Africa and The Americas. Because I am a Girl is a global movement to ensure girls everywhere can learn, lead, decide and thrive. With this in mind there should be no dialogue, or written elements - other than the slogan “Girls Takeover the World 11/10/2106” and the hashtag (‪#‎BecauseiamaGirl‬), and logo which should appear at the end of the film (these will be provided, but should be remade in the style of the animation.)

If you are interested you should submit a one paragraph pitch, and a link to previous work / a showreel by noon (GMT) August 16th to : girlstakeover@wiredvideo.net. You can address any questions to the same email.

We will inform those selected on the 18th August and will develop the concept with the animator before production of a rough animatic for approval.

The completed visuals will be delivered by 9th September at the latest and film-makers will be invited to collaborate with a composer on the music and SFX. Final delivery of the films is by the 15th September.

Films should be delivered in HQ Pro Res Quicktime Movie 1080p / 25fps.

The film-maker’s fee for the completed visuals is 1000GBP”